Risk Management Services

Alternative Risk Products

In addition to traditional insurance products that we can place, below is a list of some of the alternative market options that we explore with our clients as a way of identifying the very best fit for their ever changing insurance needs:

  • Association Insurance Programs
  • Captives, Rent A Captives and Group Captives
  • Dividend Programs
  • Finite Risk
  • Large Deductible Programs
  • Loss Portfolio Transfers
  • Loss Sensitive Programs
  • Pooling Programs
  • Retrospectively Rated Programs
  • Risk Purchasing Groups

Claims Advocacy

Amity Risk Management Services works with you to identify goals for you risk management program and to help you reduce risk and control costs. Our on going commitment to the success of your program is evident in the value-added services we can provide, such as claims advocacy. By working closely with you, the insurance carrier and claims administrator, we can help insure that claims are being managed effectively, that alternatives are considered when appropriate and that improvements are made to keep your program on track. Such services can include:

  • TPA Selection and evaluation
  • Review and Analysis of Loss Runs
  • Scheduled Claims Meetings
  • Review of Workers’ Compensation Experience Mod
  • Claim Reserve Review
  • Medical and Litigation Management
  • Claim Reporting Procedures
  • Coverage Analysis and Interpretation
  • Catastrophic Claims Management
  • Loss Trending, Stratification & Development

Risk Control

We work together with our clients and the insurance carriers to provide the most cost effective means for managing risk while obtaining the desired results – fewer accidents, greater productivity, safer work environment and lower costs. We review all possible options to lower the exposure while at the same time determining the best technique to financially transfer the risk.


At Amity we offer more than just insurance. We can provide consulting services in place of, or in addition to, insurance placement services. Although our consulting expertise is already an added value to all our clients, we too can work as an independent consultant or in conjunction with your current broker or agent to review, evaluate and monitor your current insurance program.