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Amity Insurance: protect your home from sewer backups with proper coverage

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QUINCY, MA ISSUED APRIL 5, 2012…Many homeowners may assume otherwise, but their insurance policies do not cover a sewer backup; however there is separate coverage available that in comparison with the cost of dealing with the aftermath of a backup is a true bargain, according to Amity Insurance Agency, Inc., the region's leading full service agency.

This may not be common knowledge, but homeowners are responsible for the repair and maintenance of the portion of pipeline that connects their home with their city/town sanitary sewer main. Since this pipeline is in fact owned by the homeowner, any parts of it that extend into the public right of way or street is also included as part of their responsibility.

Working on these pipes is a costly chore, so it is important for homeowners to know how sewer backups are caused. Water typically enters the home through washtubs, toilets or basement sump pumps. In order to be covered for those type of losses, you must add sewer backup coverage to your homeowner's policy.

Here are the three most common causes:

Tree Roots Blocking Pipelines: Trees thrive on water, so their roots often gravitate toward cracks in sewer lines, with growth eventually becoming expansive, entering pipelines near the joints and causing major blockages.

Heavy Rains Clogging Storm Sewers: If a sanitary sewer or storm sewer is unable to contain the amount of rain falling, a backup may occur.

Sanitary Main Blockages: Several types of blockages are possible in the sanitary main and can result in sewage backing up into the home. Fortunately, this occurrence is gradual, leaving time to call a plumber before the house is overtaken with sewage.

Each of these events can be very costly, in terms of money and hazard to human health. In addition, a sewer backup can destroy virtually every object in a home. A simple calculation of the cost of replacing damaged items in comparison to the cost of insurance can clarify the importance of adequate coverage.

It also should be noted that even with sewer backup coverage added to your homeowner policy, in most cases the coverage is limited to $5000.00. An insurance agent can provide you with the available options to protect your home against sewer backups.

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