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Take precautions following a storm, says Amity Insurance

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QUINCY, MA ISSUED JULY 1, 2011….Whether hurricane force winds, flash flooding, thunder and lightning, or snow, severe weather can wreak havoc on homes and vehicles. When it comes to protecting your property it's wise to hope for the best, but to prepare for the worst, according to Amity Insurance Agency, Inc., the region's leading full service agency.

  • In the event of damaging weather, contact your agent or insurance company as soon as possible to arrange a visit from an adjuster.
  • Take photographs of damage before doing any repair work to your home; also make an itemized list of all damage sustained during the storm and its aftermath.
  • Protect your home from further damage by making only temporary repairs until your insurance company advises you further. Be sure to save all receipts for materials purchased for repairs.
  • Exercise caution as you begin clean up and repairs; be careful when using power tools and always wear proper safety equipment, such as safety helmets and glasses.
  • Don't have permanent repairs made until your insurance company has inspected the property and an agreement has been reached on the costs.
  • If necessary, rent temporary shelter. If your home is uninhabitable, most insurance policies will pay additional living expenses while it's being repaired. Before renting temporary shelter, check with your insurance company to determine what expenses will be reimbursed.
  • Food lost as a result of a power outage is typically not covered, unless you have purchased extra coverage. Consider buying an endorsement to cover future food losses.
  • Damages to appliances from a power surge are typically covered; however some electronic components may not be, so check with your agent to confirm precisely what your policy covers.
  • Most damage from fallen trees to your home or surrounding structures is covered; but check with your agent prior to contacting a tree removal service as those costs may be covered, as well.
  • Also check with your insurance company or agent to see if damage to your vehicles from fallen trees or debris is covered by your auto policy.