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Protect personal valuable items against loss and theft

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QUINCY, MA ISSUED MARCH 8, 2012…Perhaps you were one of those lucky individuals who was the recipient of valuable jewelry over the holidays or on Valentine's Day, but that luck may change if those bright and shiny objects are not insured properly, according to Amity Insurance Agency, Inc., the region's leading full service agency.

As a general rule, most homeowners' policies provide coverage for contents up to 50 percent of the dwelling limit. However, limitations are placed on certain types of personal belongings such as jewelry, firearms, stamps, furs, coins and silverware. And, these items have limited reimbursement terms.

Homeowners should be sure to read the section of their homeowners' policies regarding contents and additional coverage. Recognize that accidental loss is not usually covered unless specifically scheduled on your policy.

Homeowners who wish to raise their coverage limit to ensure protection against loss and theft should contact an agent immediately after receipt of valuables. It's best to ask the agent to schedule the particular piece of jewelry or add a special rider to an existing policy. In some cases, a written appraisal may be required; however typically a detailed receipt is sufficient proof of the item's value.

After a value schedule is assigned to the item, the owner has protection up to the amount scheduled. Since additional coverage is quite affordable, it makes sense for homeowners who own valuable jewelry or other special items to speak with their agent.

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