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Amity Insurance offers tips to avoid pool accidents

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QUINCY, MA ISSUED JUNE 29, 2012…It's a sad fact that many children drown or are injured in residential pools every year, but by implementing a good set of safety rules, kids and visitors can be kept safe around your background pool this summer, according to Amity Insurance Agency, Inc., the region's leading full service agency.

While it may seem rude to lay down rules in front of pool guests, avoiding the cost of a liability lawsuit – not to mention a tragedy – is well worth any potential embarrassment.

The following are tips for developing a strong set of pool rules:

  • Specify all requirements: Decide who can go in the pool and at what time and always have an adult present when children are in the pool. Teach children that it's dangerous to run around the pool and explain that they could slip, hurt themselves on the concrete or tile or even fall into the pool. Discourage rough water games and make children aware of how important it is to stay clear of drains and filters.
  • Create an emergency plan: Despite the best precautions, pool accidents can happen, so have a plan in place. Make sure a cordless phone is near the pool, that children know how to dial 911 and that they know the address to tell emergency response teams. Adults should learn how to perform CPR.
  • Keep the pool area safe: When the pool is not in use, it should be covered; the optimal choice is a durable hard cover with a locking mechanism. Make sure there is a fence of at least four feet high around the yard or pool. If a house is used as a fourth side to enclose a pool, install door alarms to alert parents when children enter the pool area. It can also be helpful to install underwater alarms or surface wave alarms. And keep gates to the pool area locked; homeowners may be liable for uninvited guests who wander into an unlocked pool area and become injured.

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