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Amity Insurance addresses insurance options for parents of college students

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QUINCY, MA ISSUED SEPTEMBER 17, 2012….With college students arriving on campus with a myriad of electronic gadgets, laptops, smart phones, and some living off-campus, parents should consider insurance options for their young collegians, according to Amity Insurance Agency, Inc., the region's leading full service agency.

The belongings of college kids who live in dorms are usually covered under a homeowners' insurance policy, and full-time students living off campus may also be covered if their primary residence remains their parents' home. However, insurers have several other qualification criteria and they occasionally place a maximum age limit of 24.

Although the liability limits of a homeowners' insurance policy usually apply equally to covered college students, many insurers place a 10% cap on the possessions limit. And some policies may not have sufficient provisions to cover college kids in certain situations. Some parents will want to purchase additional coverage to ensure their child is taken care of; for example a renters' insurance policy can be a good solution, for an average cost of between $150 and $200 annually. Be advised that if your child is living with roommates, the policy will not cover roommates' possessions.

Another important possession to consider is the student's vehicle. Parents should ensure their child is fully covered when going to college, keeping in mind that rates may fall or rise depending on the school's location.

Your student's health insurance must also be considered; many college kids are known for making poor nutritional choices, not getting enough sleep, etc. These factors, in addition to increased stress, can add up to more trips to the doctor. As a rule, student health plans offered by schools are limited, expensive, have low cap amounts and may require students to seek care only on campus. Since children are usually covered by their parents' medical insurance, most parents opt to rely on this type of coverage. But children of parents with limited HMO plans may only be able to seek emergency treatment on campus, translating into higher bills or higher co-pay amounts.

An individual health insurance policy may be the best option for parents who have limited HBO plans; these plans are quite affordable and premiums are lower with higher deductibles.

Thought should also be given to identity theft insurance. This coverage is often limited and while it cannot prevent parents or students from becoming victims of identity theft and doesn't cover financial losses directly, it does provide coverage for the cost of reclaiming yours or your child's financial identity. For instance, it may cover the costs of making copies and phone calls, mailing documents, lost wages and attorney fees.

To learn more about insurance options for college students, discuss these issues with an agent.

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